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Bolstering Eucharistic Adoration


St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Naperville, Illinois
Diocese of Joliet
United States

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Parish team finds creative ways to boost perpetual adoration.

"The Eucharistic exhibit was beautiful - it gave many people a much deeper appreciation of the mystery of the Eucharist." - Fr. Tom Paul, Naperville, IL

The need it meets

Promoting Eucharistic adoration in parishes to pray for important intentions, including vocations.

Where it came from

After opening the Perpetual Adoration chapel with their pastor's active support, a 5-person team of parishioners worked together to promote adoration.

How it works

At St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Naperville, IL, the adoration planning team came up with the following ways to increase adoration:

  1. "Sign-up Sundays" every year. The priest preaches at all weekend Masses about the Real Presence and Eucharistic adoration to build enthusiasm for it.
  2. The team engaged in six months of prayer and planning for a diocesan-wide Adoration Workshop co-sponsored by The resources, including text of most of the talks and details of this workshop from 2003, are online at
  3. This year, the parish team also hosted traveling exhibit, a display of 160 posters of Eucharistic miracles.
    • The Real Presence Association sponsors the exhibit and will work with each group to schedule the showing. They own three sets of the posters so that there can be one set going through the west coast states, one on the East Coast and another in the Midwest. Groups can print their own copies of any or all of these posters if they would like to keep a permanent set of them.
    • The exhibit was easy to set up and take down. A team of 14 people set up 160 posters of 126 miracles and maps in less than 2 hours, and seven people repacked the posters and took everything down in less than 30 minutes.
    • exhibit was a useful tool for the religious education program. The catechists took the children and teens through the displays. The junior high students had a lesson plan to find certain miracles and answer questions, discuss, then write a response ��� some wrote prayers to Jesus in the Eucharist.
    • Fr Michael Lane, pastor of St Jude's parish in Joliet, came and preached on the benefits of Eucharistic adoration during the hours of the exhibit, encouraging people to become regular adorers.

The results

St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish has 24 hour adoration 7 days a week with a long list of committed adorers.

  1. The first Sign-up Sunday in 2002 resulted in a total of 500 adorers and substitutes. Each year, about 15-30 more adorers sign up.
  2. The diocesan-wide Adoration Workshop in 2003 was a major draw. Over 40 parishes came together to share and learn the best ways to begin or expand Eucharistic adoration in their parishes. The Diocese of Joliet currently has 34 parishes and chapels with Eucharistic adoration.
  3. The Real Presence exhibit was a great success in quantity and quality:
    • It attracted between 1000-1500 visitors of all ages and levels of knowledge.
    • The children and teens in the religious education classes were captivated by the display.
    • Fr Michael Lane's preaching on adoration attracted 50 new adorers.
    • Over 20 parishes now want to bring the exhibit to their churches.
    • Bishop Kaffer and several priests came by to view the exhibit late Sunday and congratulated the team on having found such an effective way to evangelize.
    • They even collected $1,274 for in the donations box.

Key elements

  1. The pastor's support.
  2. A team to organize and set up the exhibit.
  3. Publicity:
    • Make PDF posters and send them to diocesan Catholic schools and universities/seminaries. Ask them to post them on their bulletin boards and web sites. Also send to Catholic bookstores in the area to post on community bulletin boards.
    • Send e-mails to various religious groups, such as the Homeschool group, pro-life organizations, Cursillo groups, diocesan prayer groups, Marian organizations, etc.
    • Promote on local Catholic radio and the diocesan newspaper and web site.
    • Post invitations in secular newspapers.
  4. A plan to sign up new adorers during and after the exhibit.

How to implement it

For more information about the Eucharistic Miracles exhibit, contact:

Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
Carol J. Seydel
Phone: 815-254-4420

  • First Step: Contact Carol Seydel via email at for a FREE kit which includes two DVDs and brochures as well as an email with instructions on how to host the exhibition.

  • The DVD with the high definition pdfs for making posters can be taken to a commercial printer to be printed or you would have to borrow the posters from someone who already has a set.

Rev Thomas Paul is pastor of St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.

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