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Conquest Youth Ministry


St. Timothy's
13807 Poplar Tree Road
Diocese of Arlington VA
United States

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Helping boys 5th – 12th grade to know and love Christ with real friendship; the Pope and Church with loyalty; Mary as a son; and every person with genuine respect and charity.

"I work as the Director of Youth Ministry, and the fruit I see is incredible."

Patrick Jacobeen, Youth Ministry Director

The need it meets

“Conquest strives to offer effective methods & materials in Catholic Youth Ministry for families, parishes and schools, helping boys 5th – 12th grade to know and love Christ with real friendship; the Pope and Church with loyalty; Mary as a son; and every person with genuine respect and charity.”

The Conquest program is sold as an "off the shelf" program that can be a great tool for youth ministry in any parish.

Where it came from

Conquest was fathered by Brian Bisgrove, a young man who died from complications with cancer. Throughout his illness, he continued to develop a plan to establish boys’ youth programs called “Conquest” that would bring together fun and formation and bring youth closer to his friend Jesus Christ. Brian had a vision of making Conquest into an institutionalized youth program that could be spread across North America and beyond, to bring thousands of youth closer to Christ through fun, formation, and apostolate. He did not live long enough to see it fulfilled, and was born into eternity on February 10, 1998, at the young age of 21. His father, Jack Bisgrove, picked up the torch and helped form a team to institutionalize Conquest and make it into a formal youth program that could be spread far and wide. The Conquest national team today believes that through all of Brian’s suffering that he offered up for the boys and dads of Conquest, bountiful graces are still being received today.

How it works

Conquest offers parents, schools, and parishes methods, material, and training to help boys grow in their faith and serve others. Our method combines different elements that together make our program unique and effective: team-based and teen-led; service-driven, virtue-centered; age specific; flexible and ready to use; relevant and fun; 100% Catholic and gender specific.

  1. Team-Based & Teen Led- small group mentoring
  2. Service Driven- over 30+ hands on apostolic projects
  3. Virtue-Centered- focused on putting faith into practice
  4. For 5th-12th Grade- 3 age specific series for middle school and high school
  5. Ready to use and flexible- 48 weekly guide books and online training
  6. Relevant & Fun for Teens- activities focused on their questions with 400+ games
  7. 100% Catholic Curriculum- grounded in catechism, gospels, and lives of saints
  8. Gender Specific- parallel programs adapted for boys (Conquest) and girls (Challenge)

The results

Patrick Jacobeen, Director of Youth Ministry at St. Timothy's in Chantilly, Virginia has seen tremendous fruit since the institution of their Conquest program. "Conquest has been a flourishing club at St. Tim's for over ten years now. I work as the Director of Youth Ministry, and the fruit I see is incredible. The teens who come into our junior high and high school programs who have been in Conquest bring a tremendous maturity, leadership, and confidence. They've already begun a personal relationship with Jesus and can witness that to their peers in a remarkable way. I believe Conquest has been invaluable in the wildly successful youth ministry program at our parish."

Key elements

1) An essential part of Conquest is having devoted adult leaders, as well as mature teen leaders who are ready to give the boys that they are coming to serve their very best, week in and week out.

2) A meeting with the parents before the first Conquest meeting can prove very helpful in kick-starting healthy discussions with their sons after every Conquest meeting.

3) Leading a Conquest program is no small matter. Whoever takes initial charge of the project needs to be on fire about helping these young boys grow closer to Christ, their families, and each other.

How to implement it

  1. Have a few dads and a couple high school leaders decide to start a program.
  2. Purchase the "team leader kit" from Conquest
  3. Implementing the program is as easy as following the books found in the "team leader kit."

To find out more about all that Conquest as a program offers, go to

Rev. David Meng is pastor of St. Timothy's.

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