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Parish Night at the Movies


St. Peter's/All Hallow's Catholic Church
Sacramento, CA
Diocese of Sacramento
United States

More Info

For more information, email Denise Hinojos.

Ignatius Press offers a redeeming alternative to the usual movie rental fare.

"For our parish, this became a powerful, inspirational resource for many families. We feel the need to use every single tool to open the eyes of the people and focus more on the Kingdom of our God." Fr. Rodolfo Llamas, Pastor, All Hallows, Sacramento, CA

"The feedback that I received [from folks attending these movies] makes it so worth my effort. The more parishes that are able to do this, the better." Denise Hinojos, All Hallows Movie Night Coordinator

The need it meets

  • New ways to attract people to become more involved in the parish
  • New ways to communicate the dynamism of our faith
  • Healthy alternatives for social and entertainment activities

Where it came from

A potential fund-raising opportunity marketed by Ignatius Press

How it works

The basic idea is to use the parish facilities to host the showing of a worthwhile and entertaining movie. It's that simple.

Ignatius Press provides:

  1. Free DVD of the movie package selected
  2. Free publicity materials
  3. Ignatius Press materials to be purchased and resold at a profit for the parish

All Hallows Parish:

  1. Publicizes the event
  2. Offers the movies for free in the parish hall
  3. Supplements the experience with low cost snacks and drinks
  4. Displays and resells Ignatius Press products. To increase potential sales of the Ignatius Press products and offset costs incurred to the parish, they also sell Ignatius Press materials after Masses on Sundays.

The results

All Hallows has hosted one movie per month for four months. Attendance for the last two movies has grown to approx. 30-40 people. New participant feedback indicates excitement and requests for more frequent showings.

  • Those who attend are encouraged in their faith (because of the movie itself).
  • The shared experience builds relationships and solidarity among different members of the parish.
  • The experience can be enhanced through guided discussion of the films.

Key elements

  • Pastor support
  • A good movie viewing location

More details can be found on the website:

How to implement it

Direct contact with a personal representative at Ignatius Press:

Diane Hanson
Special Events Coordinator
Ignatius Press
Toll Free: 866-431-1531 ext 5
Direct: 734-455-1973

Rev. Rodolfo D. Llamas is pastor of St. Peter's/All Hallow's Catholic Church.

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