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Collections at Daily Mass Boost Parish Morale and Funds


St. Olaf
Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
United States

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Daily communicants contribute 15% of Parish's weekly contributions. Commuters join parish as Associate Members.

The need it meets

This practice helps meet the financial needs of the parish that was once in a residential area but now is surrounded by downtown businesses. Commuters who benefit from daily Mass contribute to the well-being of the parish and gain a sense of belonging.

Where it came from

Msgr. Francis Flemming, the first Pastor of St. Olaf in Minneapolis, wanted the daily Mass attendees to feel a part of the life of the parish even though this was not their home parish. To this end, he began offering "Associate Member" status almost 50 years ago. Though not the intial goal, this program also helps the parish's finace situation by collecting from those who do not attend on Sundays.

How it works

Minneapolis is a city with a large commuter population during the week. It also hosts many visitors on vacation, attending conventions or in town for business. St. Olaf, located in the heart of the city, is easily accessible and offers three Masses per day Monday through Friday and two on Saturday. Fr. Mark Pavlik, pastor of St. Olaf, said that he sees at least one new face at Mass each day. Passing the collection plate at daily Mass provides an opportunity for commuters and visitors to help support the ministry of St. Olaf.

In addition, St. Olaf decided to offer commuters and visitors a sense of belonging as "part-time parishioners". Therefore, they offered the opportunity to register as an "Associate Member."

St. Olaf has seniors who regularly attend daily Mass and have offered to take up the collection at all three Masses, making it unnecessary to schedule ushers.

The results

  • The daily collections made up 15% of St. Olaf's total weekly collection in 2006.
  • Associate Members gave an average of $4,000 a week in 2006.
  • The 734 Associate Members represent about 26% of St. Olaf's 2,832 parishioners.

Key elements

  • Regular volunteer ushers.
  • Establish an Associate Membership program.
  • Communicate this part-time or associate membership effectively to commuting or visiting Mass-goers in order to make them aware of the option.

How to implement it

  • Initial bulletin notice to parishioners about Associate Membership program, announcing the starting date.
    • Associate members can register with the parish office or online at anytime.
    • Associate members can choose to serve as volunteers at daily Mass or any church program.
    • Associate members receive all the church mailings, including the weekly bulletin.
  • Pulpit announcement at daily Mass.
  • Attract and instruct ushers.
  • Associate Membership is passed on by word of mouth.

Fr. Mark Pavlik is pastor of St. Olaf.

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