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Pastor Writes Homily Reflections to Inspire Parishioners


St. Thomas Aquinas
College Station, Texas
Austin Diocese
United States

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Category: Faith Formation

Father Michael's Monday Message Is Weekly Encouragement

I know it's not me, it can only be the Lord!

Father Michael O'Connor, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, College Station, Texas

The need it meets

The weekly article in the church bulletin builds on the homily from the past Sunday Mass with reflections for the rest of the week.

Where it came from

It was the pastor's initiative, with a little help from the Holy Spirit. The goal was to provide parishioners with an encouraging" message from the pastor.

How it works

The pastor submits his Sunday Gospel reflection to the weekly bulletin in print and via email for parishioners to read at their leisure.

The creation of the message is a two-fold process. The parish Research and Development Director provides dates/events coming up in the parish calendar. Then the pastor, with the help of the Holy Spirit, writes his inspirations for the week. The bulletin also includes the following Sunday's readings so people can prepare.

The results

Feedback from the parishioners at St. Thomas Aquinas has been positive. The growing parish just celebrated its 25th anniversary and has more than 1500 families. Father O'Connor introduced his Monday Message in February 2008, and he said comments from his parishioners never cease to amaze him about the connection the Monday Message makes in some people's lives. Parishioner Robye Harvey remembers that people called the office during one period when Father got a bit behind and didn't publish for a few weeks. She said Father Michael's writing prompts her to action, and she often forwards it to friends as an evangelization tool.

Key elements

  1. Constancy
  2. Personal touch from the pastor
  3. Calendar of important dates and events to be announced

How to implement it

As above

Father Michael O'Connor is pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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