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St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Church
Thousand Oaks
Los Angeles
United States

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Category: Faith Formation

Catholics from around the world can pray the Rosary, accompanied by an online video.

The need it meets

There is always a need for more people to pray the Rosary, since it is a powerful prayer that draws grace down upon the world.

The web site "Come Pray the Rosary" makes it easy for people to join into a rosary at any time of the day or night.

Where it came from

St Paschal Baylon Church parishioners George Esseff and Michael Emerson (film producer) created the web site to help Catholics from around the world pray the rosary together or individually.

How it works

Visit and click on "Enter Church," which will take you to a window displaying a video of Fr Dave Heney reciting the rosary with parishioners. Depending on the day of the week, the joyful, luminous, sorrowful, or glorious mysteries will be recited.

Once in the "Church," you can choose between two modes. The "individual" mode will begin the video from the beginning of the first decade and end after all five decades have been recited. The "worldwide" mode links the visitor into a perpetual rosary video, so you may begin at any point within the five decades depending on the time of day, to stay synchronized with other site visitors.

Either way, the video format helps parishioners to feel accompanied and supported as they pray the rosary.

The results

  • The rosary link on the St Paschal Baylon parish web site includes a way to offer petitions and prayer intentions. Prayer requests come in from around the country almost every day.
  • People have sent in thank you's for the rosary site.
  • Parishioners feel connected to the Rosary site, since they or their friends are in the video.

Key elements

  • It could help to post a link to on the parish web site.
  • A note in the parish bulletin can also help.

How to implement it

  • A volunteer website designer videographer could replicate the idea, using your own pastor and parishioners in the video.
  • Or you could just link to this site on your website.

Fr. Dave Heney is pastor of St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Church.

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