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Offertory Antiphons

August 15, 2021

Q: The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) speaks of an antiphon for the offertory at Mass, but the only place I have seen offertory antiphons is in missals for the extraordinary form; neither the now-defunct missals of the ordinary form nor the newly translated missals contain this antiphon. Do you know what happened to the offertory antiphon? Did the Latin "Novus Ordo" ever have them? If so, why were they dropped, and why would the GIRM speak of them? If not, why not? And if they do exist in Latin, why weren't they translated into English and given to us so that we can use them, as the Church obviously wishes? -- M.D., Cheyenne, Wyoming

A Hail Mary at the End of General Intercessions

July 26, 2021

Q: What sort of prayer is supposed to be recited at the conclusion of the Prayer of the Faithful? Is it permitted to substitute the Memorare for the Hail Mary? -- J.M., Harare, Zimbabwe

Mass Intention in the Prayer of the Faithful

July 18, 2021

Q: Some parishes here have the intention(s) of the Mass added in the Prayer of the Faithful, or general intercessions. Is that an acceptable liturgical practice? -- T.C., City of Navotas, Philippines

Funerals With Cremated Remains

July 11, 2021

Questio: During the funeral Mass when the cremated remains are present, are the remains sprinkled with holy water and reverenced with incense at the final commendation? -- D.Y., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Arriving Late to Mass

July 4, 2021

Q: How late can a person be to Mass for it to count? Does it count if they arrive just for Communion? -- T.F., Westminster, Colorado

Consuming the Host at the End of a Procession

June 27, 2021

Q: Is it permissible to consume the Blessed Sacrament after it has been used in a procession, even when it arrives at a location (with an empty tabernacle) where Mass is going to be celebrated? -- C.W., West Palm Beach, Florida

Anniversary Mass in Lieu of Obligatory Memorial

June 14, 2021

Q: If the anniversary of the ordination of a priest falls on a day that is an obligatory memorial or a feast, which Mass can he celebrate? Is it permissible to use the prayers of the anniversary instead of the prayers of the memorial or feast? -- G.O., Orlu, Nigeria

On Stoles, Cinctures, Albs and Surplices

June 6, 2021

Q: I am a priest ordained before the post-conciliar liturgical reforms. At that time, we crossed the stole and secured it in place with the cincture under the chasuble. Also, in those days I don’t recall ever wearing a stole over an alb to preach or to officiate in any other circumstances. Rather we wore the stole over a surplice. No cincture. We no longer cross the stole...[continued] 

Saying the Mysterium Fidei

May 30, 2021

Q: Who says “Mysterium fidei” during Mass, especially when a bishop is the principal celebrant and assisted by several priests? Does a priest take the role of a deacon in announcing “Offerte vobis pacem” and “Ita, missa est”? If the three are roles of a concelebrating priest when a bishop is the president of the liturgy, kindly provide liturgical documents that will help me explain it well to others. -- R.P., Kasama, Zambia

Adoration When Mass Is Being Celebrated

May 23, 2021

Q: Our parish has Eucharistic adoration, but it does so in a chapel that adjoins the main church. Hence, each day, even on Sundays and solemnities, adoration continues while Mass is being celebrated. There is a "stained glass" barrier, but it is still transparent enough that the celebration of the Eucharist can be seen right into the sanctuary. Also, the Mass itself can be heard clearly, all of the prayers, the readings, the homily, the Eucharistic Prayer, etc. It was my understanding that the Eucharist should....(Read More) 

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